Saturday, 6 February 2010

Crappy, crappy saturday until the lights go out :D

So yeah, saturday today, according to many students, the most exciting day of the week because you go out and get drunk and wake up the next morning not remembering what an amazing night you had. That's usually the case with me; I have a complete BLACK-OUT! It's quite annoying, but at least I don't have a hangover:D
Tonight I'm going out and I'm quite excited, because I haven't been going out for a loooong time, since I had exams for 2 freaking months! So I had no social life at ALL!... Yaay ( *completely sarcastic*)
But first I had to endure a whole day of boreness... God, I had an argument with my parents so they refused to talk to me, so yeah, I was 'locked' up in my room all day, avoiding the parental anger.. ( For all you guys who have arguments with their parents out there, it's a normal passage of life). I was THAT bored that I decided to clean my room, okay, to be honest, that was what the argument with my parents was about, so I didn't really have a choice...
So I did, for 5 minutes, then I got distracted and started reading my book again, you can already guess which one..., Yes, I am a part of the Twilight-group and I'm not ashamed of it. Though I'm not THAT obsessed, I still have a life ( *BAHAHAHAHHAA*)
I got so caught up in the story that I completely lost track of time and here we are now, me entertaining nobody with this blog but still typing it for my own amusement... Could I be any more pathetic? ( It is possible, people! There are people out there that are even worse than me....... poor guys! )

But what makes this day even darker is the fact that in 7 hours my exam results will be online..; Fuck, I have been nervous before, but this stress attack is beyond my normal capacity! I may not survive this one, so if I don't, I'll see you guys in hell :D

School starts in 2 days,... or should I say, hell starts in 2 days...
Gosh, I wish their was something that could make me more excited...
What about dancing in your room like a maniac? ( Good idea, no one will think you're weird then! )

*dances like a maniac*

Well, that was fun, glad I survived that one because my physical condition kinda lost its power 2 months ago.. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm weak and not physically active at all! I hate sports!
God, glad that's of off my chest!
Anyone something they would like to share?

xoxo, molti di amori di Eline!

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