Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sad sunday...

Well, today was a very depressed day...
First of all, I got my results from my exams and well, they sucked, very, very bad....
It's that bad that I probably won't succeed this year, so yeah.
This morning I cried that much, that it was beyond possible!
I think I litterarly cried a river, I feel so disappointed, so sad, that I just couldn't stop crying.
And you want to know the even worse part about it?
I had to visit my uncle this afternoon, who is all about results, so that was a slap in the face and I wasn't looking forward to it...
But he took it better then I expected, guess he knows that I worked very hard for it...
Stupid shitexams.... God, I hate it!
Tomorrow I have to go back to that hell... Maybe I should just start working, but if you don't have a diploma nowadays, you're nothing!
And the misery goes on..

Hugs and kisses from your miserable friend, Eline

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