Saturday, 27 March 2010



So yesterday I went to a prom with my very good friend, Lisa.
We got all dressed up, make-up and hair and we left for the party!
We had to go by foot to the location where a bus would pick us up, but the bus was amazing!
So modern and soooo expensive! That was so fancy, but the rest of the prom kinda sucked... it was a nerd convention, so there wasn't a lot of fun, but me and my friend had lots of fun together, we even got drinks from the bartenders! :D
Guess my charm did it again :) Here's a picture of my outfit, which you can also see on my chictopia!

Here's a picture of my evening gown! :p

But today, this morning, I went to our local vintage store and bought some awesome stuff!
I got a jeans, that I will transform into shorts, which will hopefully make me slimmer:p
I also got this amazing purse, I love it so much, I cried a little inside. The colour is great for spring, it's wearable for all occasions and it's also big enough, so go me! :D

I also got some amazing news! I will be in Flair, a belgian fashion magazine. I get to participate in a photoshoot! I' ve never had one before and I'm so excited! Can't wait till' wednesday. Don't worry, I'll take pics and tell you guys everything!!!

For spring fashion 2010, I found out that hats are thé thing, but if you're worried that everybody already wears that trend and you don't want to be part of the crowd, just decorate your hat your way, with a cute bow, or a gorgeous flower to give it that unique effect!

Floral leggings are very hip, but I don't think this is a trend suitable for everyone... If you have bigger legs, don't go for that trend, I don't even like it that much, because I think it's a bit over the top, but if you don't share the same opinion, then go for it girl:p

For sunglasses, you can go anywhere! There's a very wide variation in sunglasses. If you want to go for the Robert-Pattinson-look, which is already going on for a year, then go for it, but this is a trend that is absolutely not unique anymore. Everybody has shades like that, so I would go for something else ^^

xoxo Eline


  1. There's nothing wrong with a nerd fest! In fact... I would really like to go to a nerd fest right now...


  2. gorgeous gown my dear, you look lovely. Also really like your acdc tee!
    loving your blog!

  3. Love your prom dress, very classy and pretty!