Tuesday, 23 March 2010

We all want to be loved...

Shirt: ZEB /Necklace: ZEB
Hi! So today I decided to completely go for it! I will make a fashion blog and I will update every freaking day! This will be my hobby, since I'm hobby-less... :(
So first of all, here is my profile blog picture, hope you like it ^^
I will talk about fashion everydag, post pic's of my outfit everyday and I will try to entertain you guys and girls :D everyday!
I always wanted to become a fashion reporter and I hope this is my preparation to what is waiting for me, because I can't wait!
I study English- Italian for the moment, it's my first bachelor year and I kinda like it, it's hard, very hard indeed, but I'm still motivated, even though I have my ups and downs, like everybody else right? When I first started, I didn't really like my italian teacher, she was severe and strict and she scared the crap out of me, but when I failed my italian exam, she started to become a lot nicer! She has been helping over the last 2 months and it's very useful! So GO VERHULST! =D
Now for fashion. I recently heard about the trends for spring 2010 and there are some interesting pieces coming up!
First of all, flower prints are very hip for the moment, in everything you can find: earrings, t-shirts, skirts, panties! The look of spring is reflected in clothing! ^^
Second trend is jeans! Jeans, jeans, jeans! Just go to your daddy's closet, grab his old jeans and cut the legs of and you have your own short! The messier, the better! Grungy looks are in! :D
Third is definitely leggings, if you thought they were out, they're not, they're hotter than before, especially now since everyone is llooking forward to spring and is exchanging their baggy, warm pants for comfortable and colourful leggings! I can't show you pictures yet, but I will in my next post!
So that's it for now, I will be back tomorrow!
Hugs and kisses from Bruges!

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